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Golf is a leisurely sport loved by many for its majestic courses out in the open and its destressing effects. Because it does not involve rigorous activity, a common misconception about the game is that it barely burns calories. On the contrary, one’s fitness can drastically improve with golf. 

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Aside from getting enough Vitamin D out in the open field, continuous golf playing can also develop concentration and your muscles. Good cardiovascular health is another bonus of playing the sport as it increases blood circulation and heart rate, which lessens the amount of bad cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular issues.

These benefits translate over into the lifestyle of golf players, improving other aspects. One of those is sleep. Those who played golf had better quality sleep after their games. The thinking component of the sport also helps improve mental health and develops focus. 

How Many Calories Can You Burn While Golfing?

If you add up all the walking on the course, which on average is about 3.5 miles, and all the swinging, these activities are effective in burning a ton of calories. But how many exactly? It is estimated that one hour in the field burns about 350-475 calories. On a nine-hole golf course, players can lose around 700-800, while on an eighteen-hole, the numbers range from 1,400 -1,500. The results are affected by different factors and vary between individuals.

Now, there are ways to maximize the benefits of golf and burn maximum calories. Here’s how.

Ditch The Cart

Most of the studies that focused on how many calories golf players lose used two different set-ups—one where they navigated the course on a golf cart and the other one where golfers would walk. As expected, those who walked burned about ⅔ more calories and dictated the higher number in the range. So think twice before you catch that ride and consider walking off those few pounds.

Golf Simulator

Whoever said that you could only burn calories by playing golf on the field is not aware of recent sports innovations. Now, high-tech golf simulators allow players to bring the game home and continue the activity there. You can work on your posture and your hit while getting a good workout in. Even though the walking will significantly decrease in an at-home set-up, it still lets golfers conveniently hit one swing after another, engaging those arm muscles instead of the legs. 

One of the practical devices in this category is the Garmin Approach 10. This launch monitor offers 42,000 built-in courses your whole family can enjoy. Not only that it keep weight at bay, but with its challenges and tons of training features, it enhances your golfing skills as well.

Upping The Frequency

A couple of games over at the golf course can already burn a hefty number of calories, so making a few extra stopovers at the club is sure to help you lose more. The key is to keep the games at a healthy frequency and duration. Make sure that if you’re going to add more golfing into your schedule, it won’t cause any stress to the other aspects of your life that might affect your game. So, check your calendars to see where you can squeeze in a few more plays to burn more calories.