Many of you have probably started running during this COVID-19 pandemic and are enjoying this form of exercise whilst the minority of you hate running and gave up after the first could of runs. Whichever category you are in, there are a number of gear items you should have when you go running and we’ve listed some below:


The most obvious piece of gear you need is a good pair of running shoes. If you’re a beginner start off with getting comfortable with doing light jogs and even walks just to get the legs moving. For this, you don’t really need expensive running shoes as long as the shoes are comfortable to wear then you’re good to go. If you’re more serious about running and intend to do longer runs then you will need to be cushioned and lightweight shoes designed for running. The best thing you can probably do is go into a store, measure your shoe size and test a couple of shoes that is recommended. If you want them straight away then buy them at the retailer store otherwise just go back and buy them online. Here’s a list of running shoes you may be interested in:


If you want to avoid getting blisters on your feet then it’s a good idea to wear some comfortable running socks. Whether it’s ankle socks or even compressions calf socks just make sure you don’t use cotton socks for your longer runs as they tend to absorb water and sweat, which is the primary cause for blisters.


If you’re running with keys in your zipped pocket or holding a mobile phone, please stop. There are much better ways to store these essentials and it’s called a running belt. There are many different types of running belts such as clip-on belts, velcro belts, belts with multiple zipper pockets, belts with drink holders and so on but I wanted to share with you one that I’ve been personally using. I’ve had a few in the past and the one I most like is the ESR Running Belt

I actually use this on a daily basis and it’s very comfortable to wear. Here’s a video of the unboxing of the ESR Belt. You can also read this review: Best Running Belt I Purchased


Using headphones or earphones during your run can give you the extra push to motivate for faster speeds and longer distances. I have been using over the ear headphones because I don’t like inserting the earphones in the ear. One brand of earphones that I’ve heard good reviews from is the SoundPEATS Trueshift2. The charging case is apparently bulky but it does have 100 hours of playtime. I have been using the Sony WH-CH700N Over-ear headphones with noise cancellation, but have been told that having noise cancellation headphones can be dangerous when running as you won’t be able to hear cars approaching. In my particular case, I run on cycleways or running tracks so it’s not an issue. The only downside is that the foam covers do get a bit wet from the sweat and needs to be wiped down. The other over the ear headset that I use that doesn’t have noise cancellation is the Jabra Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Over-Ear headphones. When I’m actually running, I generally listen to podcasts instead of music as I’m also hoping to learn and stimulate my brain during the runs.


This will vary depending on your style, what you like to wear and whether you want to use compression tights, compression shirts, shorts, singlets, long sleeve shirts, tank tops and so on.


This isn’t a must-have but if you decide to be out in the sun you should try to wear a hat and a pair of running sunglasses. If the hats and sunglasses are comfortable to wear and won’t fall off then you’re good to go.